Monthly Archives: March 2014

Hometown Designs

I decided to start working on a few designs that are themed towards my hometown, Amherst, NS. So far I have a few shirt designs, some just full front designs, some front and back designs. I also was playing around with a few header ideas and some graphics for some other marketing/promotional items.  Do you have a design that is Amherst, Nova Scotia themed? Well send it over and I will give you a quote for what it would cost to put it on a shirt. Even if you have a design that is not amherst themed you can still send it over for a quote. As for the new Amherst themed Designs, I hope to have at least the proof images up for people to see so keep checking out my portfolio for new stuff being added all the time.

David Downey

Contact Form wasn’t working!

The previous form on my contact page was not working, so I was not receiving any emails from the site. If you had tried to contact me through the previous contact form and had received a response, please try again. Everything seems to be up and running fine now with the new contact form so contact me anytime. Thank you.

David Downey

New site finally here!

Well I have finally put up the new website. I am starting to try and lean more towards screen printing on this new site to try an boast a little new business. I am still developing websites and designing all the usual things, but I can also come up with some custom ideas for your next event to make it more memorable. Have a look around the new site and drop me a line and let me know what you think. Be sure to check the page frequently, especially the portfolio section.

David Downey