Amherst Independent Music Festival

David Downey
Portfolio Categories: General Graphic Design.

The Amherst Independent Music Festival was started in Amherst Nova Scotia and had a few successful years. The shirt that is pictured here was produced using a digital heat transfer material. I designed it, then had it printed and heat transferred onto the shirt. The shirt was made for myself and my wife for the Amherst Independent Music Festival or (A.I.M.F) in June of 2011.

The next item pictured is a table tent I had designed for use at the festival. It had the design I put together on the front with a list of the bands that were playing listed on the back. The next design was a who’s playing type of card that was left on the tables for people to have for souvenirs. It had a list of all the bands that were playing for the festival. Last but not least was the door knob hangers I had made. The front side was shown up until the day of the event. Then on the day of the event you flip it over to let any stoppers by know that you went to the festival.

If you are looking to have items similar to the ones created for the Amherst Independent Music Festival to be designed and produced for your event or function, then please feel free to contact me.