BMH Signs and Machining Website

David Downey
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BMH Signs and Machining is a sign and manufacturing company based in Amherst, Nova Scotia. They are primarily a sub contractor to other sign facilities due to their CNC Machinery. The machinery allows them to do precise cutting, carving and drilling of certain substrates. At BMH Signs and Machining they are equipped with both a 4ft x 8ft CNC Router Table, as well as a 5ft x10ft CNC Router Table. They also are equipped with a wide format digital printer, which is basically just a really big printer that allows them to create stunning signage and banners. They are also equipped with a 4 head embroidery machine, as well as heat transfer materials and equipment.

Now with the new BMH Signs and Machining website they are ready to do more than just produce for the local market, they are ready for global. The new website allows them easy modification of the content as well as other aspects of their website. The site also has some photos of sample work produced at BMH Signs and Machining, Information about the different types of signage and substrates available as well as some of the other services they can provide. If you would like to check out the BMH Signs & Machining website you can do so here. In recent years they have acquired 2 other business in the Amherst Area, the first being Acadian Printing, which has been a long standing printing company of our community. The other being Furlongs Rapid Print. With these acquisitions BMH Signs & Machining has the ability to become your one stop shop for printing, signage and promotions.

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